WABA Membership Services and Programs

A Trade Association is an organization for mutual benefits which substitutes knowledge for ignorance, rumor, guess and suspicion.  It tends to substitute research and reasoning for gambling and piracy, without closing the door to adventure or lessening the value of prophetic reasoning.

A strong, active association is the only answer to our industry problems, for certainly they cannot be solved by individuals alone.  The strength of any organization is in proportion to its membership.  It follows, therefore, that to the degree that members of an industry do not join the ranks of an association, the latter's effectiveness is impaired.


  • Wichita & Sedgwick County legislative activities benefiting all segments of the industry.
  • Cooperation with city, county, state and federal government.
  • Public Relations efforts to the public, providing information about our industry.
  • Kansas Building Industry Association (KBIA) to monitor legislative activities on a state level.
  • Use of the WABA and NAHB emblems which signify membership in a strong, reputable trade association.
  • A strong united voice as an industry.


  • General Membership dinner meetings to make business contacts.
  • Seminars to increase business expertise and expand profits.
  • Spring and Fall Parade of Homes and the Home Show which expose thousands to our industry and the products and services offered.
  • Social events, such as the Home Show VIP Night, Business Mixers, Associates Night Table Top Display, etc.
  • NAHB Annual Convention/Exposition --- featuring education seminars, new methods and products and other worthwhile activities to increase business knowledge.

Business Aids

  • Local Seminars
  • Consumer Brochures
  • NAHB Seminars
  • NAHB Library
  • Remodelers Council
  • Sales and Marketing Council
  • Drywall Council
  • Commercial Builders Council 


  • Subscriptions to the WABA Builders Digest -- the Builders official publication for the Wichita/Sedgwick County area.
  • Subscription to the NAHB Builder, the voice of the housing industry. (Builders)
  • Statistical information from NAHB.
  • NAHB Research Staff --improving construction methods, testing products and supplying data.
  • Special reports on housing trends, economic notes and statistics about the industry.
  • Informative booklet for consumers.
  • WABA roster.
  • Remodelers Council Member Directory & Information Guide. 
  • Associates member list.
  • Builders' member list.