Sales and Marketing Council

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Steve Miller

Build Wichita, Inc.

Phone: 259-2377

Kandi Jones

Busey Home Mortgage

Phone: 652-9401*

Jeffrey Richardson

Crown III Realty, LLC

Phone: 316-942-1891

Carlton Dienstbach

Design Gallery

Phone: 942-1820

LewJene Schneider

J.P. Weigand and Sons, Inc.

Phone: 734-6785

Bill Lusk, Jr.

Lusk Investments

Phone: 267-2858

Cherie Cowgill

Nies Homes, Inc.

Phone: 684-0161

Jodie Leeser

Peoples Home Equity

Phone: 316-215-6110

Dan Reiners

Peoples Home Equity

Phone: 316-395-0688

Adrienne Green


Phone: 361-3761

Melinda Cryer-Peffly

Ritchie Associates, Inc.

Phone: 733-6777

Christine Almquist

Sunflower Bank, N.A.

Phone: 685-5441

Linda Robbins

Weigand New Homes

Phone: 648-1199