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Cris Keeter

All States Exteriors, LLC

Phone: 945-4389

Mike Baalmann

B & B Lumber Co.

Phone: 522-1522

Tad Albright

Champion Window Co. of Wichita, LLC

Phone: 942-0239

Cliff Williams

Homeland Construction Services, LLC

Phone: 304-8329

Jake Cook

Mid Kansas Exteriors, Inc.

Phone: 316-613-2377

Doug Myers

Myers Exterior Products, Inc.

Phone: 944-1024

Bill Haynes

Pella Products of Kansas

Phone: 316-303-6200*

John Noel

Pella Products of Kansas

Phone: 686-6900

Michael Smith

Pella Products of Kansas

Phone: 316-239-5128

Brad Elliott

Star Lumber

Phone: 272-6743*

David Gatz

Star Lumber

Phone: 640-7630

Dan Goebel

Star Lumber

Phone: 941-1815

Chris O'Shea

Star Lumber

Phone: 213-3561

Scott Cloud

TWG Roofing

Phone: 685-1010