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Danny Telford

Acute Construction Services, Inc.

Phone: 316-201-6264

Katherine Archibald

Archibald Homes, LLC

Phone: 316-491-3571

John Baker

Baker Construction

Phone: 316-686-8313

Nicklaus Davis

Distinct Living Construction and Remodeling, LLC

Phone: 316-393-4531

Geremy Farha

Farha Home Trends, LLC

Phone: 680-7514

Kevin Griswold

Griswold Property Solutions, LLC

Phone: 316-295-7978

Tyler Jackson

Guardian Roofing & Constr., LLC

Phone: 316-302-4100

Nathan Ensminger

Heartland Home Improvements

Phone: 264-7744

Michael Gatschet, CGR, CAPS

Heartland Home Improvements

Phone: 264-7744

Dan Harder

Heritage Home Works, LLC

Phone: 288-9033

Will Engel

Honey Do Homes, LLC

Phone: 312-8657

Jess Brearton

Honey Do Homes, LLC

Phone: 316-644-7053

JC Cook

JC Remodeling & Construction

Phone: 316-655-4409

Lance Marx

Kansas Custom Carpentry

Phone: 316-519-8359

Tom Kemp

Kemp Construction Co.

Phone: 522-7255

Mike Loreg

Loreg Construction Services LLC

Phone: 316-364-4213

Margaret Langley

Margaret Langley Design, LLC

Phone: 316-461-5717

Chad Oldfather

Oldfather Construction

Phone: 316-207-9022

Mike Pressgrove

PDQ Construction

Phone: 785-235-1511

Thomas Webb

River City Exteriors, LLC

Phone: 316-633-1491

Jan Shigley

Shigley Construction Co., Inc.

Phone: 316-733-0221

Walter Southards, Jr.

Southards Welding & Mfg., Inc.

Phone: 316-267-6900

Jess Brearton

Star Lumber

Phone: 942-2221

Kyle Martin

Summit Tech Const., LLC

Phone: 316-262-3905

Mark Murphy

The Remodel Guys, LLC

Phone: 316-312-9599

Jessica Parmley

UBuildIt - Wichita

Phone: 316-260-2044