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Eric Gilbert

Artistic Builders

Phone: 650-7536

Mike Drumright

Artistic Marble & Granite

Phone: 944-8713

Greg Bauer

Bauer & Son Const. Co., Inc.

Phone: 683-1492

Mel Buckert

Buckert Contracting, Inc.

Phone: 648-1973

Eric Hogan

Carpet One

Phone: 316-866-2254*

Ed Powell

Confederated Builders

Phone: 788-3913

Steve Laughlin

Cornerstone Builders, Inc.

Phone: 661-2453

Craig Stuart

Craig Stuart Homes

Phone: 316-806-3291

Shawn Belford

E H Henry Co., Inc.

Phone: 263-3175

Woody Barnes

Fall Creek Builders, Inc.

Phone: 620-845-2997

Justin Guthridge

Guthridge-Nighswonger Corp.

Phone: 264-7900

Curtis Hampton

Hampton & Sons Const., Inc.

Phone: 529-2243

Jim Dilts

Heart Custom Homes, LTD

Phone: 371-6470

Mike Heiland

Heiland Roofing & Exteriors

Phone: 686-8200

Cliff Williams

Homeland Construction Services, LLC

Phone: 304-8329

Joe McIlvaine

Jomac Construction, Inc.

Phone: 316-806-8805

Larry Suter

Legacy Homes, Inc.

Phone: 722-8830

Clayton Gossett

Lifestyles By Lane, Inc.

Phone: 773-9407

Mark McKenna

McKenna & Company, LLC

Phone: 620-221-7909

Rick Krehbiel

Midwest Building Supply

Phone: 794-2112

Quentin Moeder

Moeder Construction, LLC

Phone: 942-7668

Clifford Nies

Nies Homes, Inc.

Phone: 684-0161

Michael Smith

Pella Products of Kansas

Phone: 316-239-5128

Chris Stevens

Premier Property Management

Phone: 648-2395

Greg Rupp

Rupp Construction, LLC

Phone: 651-7877

Tim Shigley, CGR, CAPS, GMB, GMR

Shigley Construction Co., Inc.

Phone: 733-0221

Walter Southards, Jr.

Southards Welding & Mfg., Inc.

Phone: 316-267-6900

Art Bryan

Southwestern Remodeling Contr.

Phone: 263-1239

Steve Seiler

Steve Seiler Construction

Phone: 540-3262

Mark Murphy

The Remodel Guys, LLC

Phone: 316-312-9599

Tony Weatherbee

Tony's Drywall, Inc.

Phone: 992-0201

Jessica Parmley

UBuildIt - Wichita

Phone: 316-260-2044

Tony Zimbelman

Zimbelman Construction, LLC

Phone: 721-8989