About Wichita Area Builders Association

The Wichita Area Builders Association is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt association founded and dedicated to benefiting home builders and other persons and firms engaged in related businesses and professions in the following counties in the state of Kansas:

  • Butler County
  • Cowley County
  • Harper County
  • Harvey County
  • Kingman County
  • Sedgwick County
  • Sumner County

Specific benefits and objectives of the association include:

  • Maintain the position as the most credible source of industry information in housing and light construction
  • Maintain the ability to influence legislative and regulatory decision making for affordability in housing and light construction
  • Maintain a quality, professional image for the benefit of all Association members
  • Continue to be the premier resource and provider of quality information and education
  • Maintain a credible presence and ability to influence economic development policies
  • Provide effective and beneficial member-to-member business networking opportunities
  • Recruit and develop leadership at all levels of the Association
  • Maintain a continuously updated Strategic Plan for the effective management of the Association


The Vision of the Association is to achieve and sustain recognition throughout the community that the Wichita Area Builders Association and its members are "the" organization to turn to when one has a new housing, remodeling or other light construction related need.


The Mission of the Association is to enhance the image of Association members as professionals within the housing, remodeling, and light construction industry, and the leading advocates for affordability in housing and light construction.